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Hide page info-watch-options
Package submitted by gerdami
1262692919|%e %B %Y, %H:%M

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Sometimes, you just want to hide page info, watching and page options on a page by page basis.

Include files

Hide page info-watch-options By gerdami 05 Jan 2010 12:04


To install this package in your site, create/edit these pages with the following content:

This page Contains this line
somecat:_start [[include :css-competition:include:hide-page-info-watch-options]]
admin:_template [[include :css-competition:include:hide-page-info-watch-options]]
forum:_template [[include :css-competition:include:hide-page-info-watch-options]]
search:_template [[include :css-competition:include:hide-page-info-watch-options]]
system:_template [[include :css-competition:include:hide-page-info-watch-options]]

Moreover, if you display the Wikidot navibar, you have enough resources to edit, view source & history.


  • a homepage which displays in full the latest blog entry (I often want to tag the blog post but I wrongly am tagging the homepage)
  • the homepage which shows an old updated date, just because it is a dynamic page that does not need updating
  • the admin/forum pages, which are supposed to be stable

In action:

Look at the bottom of this page !

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