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Package submitted by gerdami
1262938350|%e %B %Y, %H:%M

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This package provides a way to ask feedback by email on the current page.

Include files

include:feedback By gerdami 08 Jan 2010 08:12
Sandbox:Feedback By gerdami 08 Jan 2010 08:16


To install this package in your site, create/edit these pages with the following content:

This live template Contains this line
somecat:_template [[include :css-competition:include:feedback | link=%%link%%]]

Yes, this is the old way: feedback by email.
Nevertheless, it is an illustration on how to pass the current URL (%%link%%) to the mailform module.

To be eligible for this CSS competition, we enlarged the input textarea to 100%…
We also collapsed the feedback form.

In action in the sandbox:feedback

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